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Kubota For Earth, For Life

Kubota Generator


Products 60Hz

Everything you value in a generator

The heart of the Kubota generators are Kubota’s own diesel engines.

Used widely in world-renowned machinery, these sturdily built,
one-side-maintenance type diesel engines promise great reliability and
service life for almost any application.
Kubota is well known as one of the top engine manufactures in the world,
its long experience.
Reliability is guaranteed when powered by
a Kubota engine.

SQ Series

Satisfied with Quiet?
Meet the Super Quiet series!

4-Pole Single & Three Phase
Output Range:
(Single Phase) 11.2 - 24 kVA
(Three Phase) 14.0 - 35 kVA

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GL Series

LOWBOY II saves space
and the environment

2-Pole Single Phase
Output Range: 6.5 - 10.0 kVA

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KJ Series

Heavy duty power generation
4-Pole Single & Three Phase

Output Range:
(Single Phase) 15.0 - 21.0 kVA
(Three Phase) 15.6 - 21.0 kVA

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J Series

Easy to use anywhere
for longer periods of time

2-Pole Single & Three Phase
Output Range:
(Single Phase) 5.5 - 18.8 kVA
(Three Phase) 8.0 - 18.8 kVA

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