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Kubota For Earth, For Life

Kubota Generator


Kubota GeneratorsJ Series

2-Pole Single & Three Phase
Output Range : (Single Phase) 5.5 - 18.8 kVA / (Three Phase) 8.0 - 18.8 kVA

Easy to use anywhere for longer periods of time
These semi-open type generators are powered by either Super Mini Series or
Kubota 05 Series engine. The series' "easy to use anywhere" design
permits operation even in limited space.
The larger capacity fuel tank and its exceptional fuel efficiency guarantee
longer hours of continual electrical energy on a single tank of fuel.

Line up
Prime Output 5.5 kVA (5.5 kW)
Standby Output 6.0 kVA (6.0 kW)
Prime Output 8.0 kVA (8.0 kW)
Standby Output 8.8 kVA (8.8 kW)
Prime Output 12.0 kVA (12.0 kW)
Standby Output 13.2 kVA (13.2 kW)
Prime Output 16.0 kVA (16.0 kW)
Standby Output 17.6 kVA (17.6 kW)
Prime Output 10.0 kVA (8.0 kW)
Standby Output 11.0 kVA (8.8 kW)
Prime Output 15.0 kVA (12.0 kW)
Standby Output 16.5 kVA (13.2 kW)
Prime Output 20.0 kVA (16.0 kW)
Standby Output 22.0 kVA (17.6 kW)

*Image shown may not reflect actual package.

Dependable Generation
Direct Coupled
The generator and the engine are direct-coupled to ensure a more reliable power supply with minimum power loss.

Transistor Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)
The J-Series uses a transistor AVR to ensure a stable flow of current for most any kind of jobs you can think of.

A Skewed Rotor & Damper Winding
The waveform distortion is kept to a minimum by the skewed rotor, while the damper winding protects the generator during short circuits, regulates voltage fluctuations during condensive loads, and withstands load fluctuations during condensive and non-linear loads.
Clean Emissions

Diesel engines selected to power the J series produce far less soot, HC and CO emissions thanks to Kubota original E-TVCS combustion.
Ease of Operation
Compact Design
The J-series' advanced design and superior engineering minimized both space and weight. Whether it is your backyard or in your basement, it will fit neatly in most any place you wish to put it.

Front Panel Control
Key switch, voltage meter, circuit breaker, and warning lamps are all conveniently gathered on a drip proof control panel.

Large Capacity Fuel Tank
The larger capacity fuel tank enables longer periods of continuous operation on a single tank of fuel.

Enhanced Transportability
One-point lifting eye and special forklift openings helped enhance the series' transportability.

Access Terminals for Easy Wiring with AMF Panel or ATS
New access terminals are provided for easy wiring with the automatic start/stop system. These terminals are also for the AMF panel and the Automatic Transfer Switch.
Carefree Maintenance

Effortless Maintenance
All gauges and filters (except for Z482 and D722's oil filter) are conveniently situated to enhance and simplify daily maintenance.

Double Element Air Filter
A double element air filter is used in the J-Series to withstand heavy-duty use, and to protect the generator from sand-caused damages.
Increased Safety

Emergency Unit
Automatically shut the engine down in case of abnormalities in oil pressure, water temperature, and when the Fan belt breaks*. *Fan belt accident prevention is only applicable to generators using D1005 and V1305 engines.

Electric Shock and Entangling Preventions
Protective covers are attached on all output terminals to prevent electric shocks. The number of safety covers has also been increased to prevent entangling accidents.

Other Series